Sunday, June 30, 2013



Ray Smith said...

I am looking for a dog day care that my dog will like. My dog loves to play with other dogs. I work everyday and he just sits at home all day and I feel bad so I want to make him happy.

Ray |

Keara Littner said...

Most of the dogs in those pictures seem super relaxed! If I were to ever need to find a place to take my dog for a while, I'd like to take him somewhere that he'd be comfortable. Though, that might be a little difficult for me to find. It usually takes him a while to get used to being around other dogs. I suppose that's something we're going to need to work on.
Keara |

Dave Thompson said...

All these dogs are just the cutest. I hope that when I leave on business my dog has as good a time as all these dogs. My first trip is next week, and I am going to hate leaving him with strangers, but he will be so happy when I get back.

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